Quality product from the UK

Bettergerm De-fatted Wheat Germ and Wheat Germ Oil are manufactured in the UK by New Holland Extraction Ltd from locally sourced, fresh, raw wheat germ.

All products manufactured by New Holland Extraction are fully traceable and quality assured; many are exported across the globe for use in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetics and food industries.

Bettergerm De-fatted Wheat Germ

Bettergerm is a de-fatted wheat germ with an exceptional nutritional profile. It is a low fat, high protein, high fibre bakery ingredient which contains many vitamins and minerals. It is a source of manganese, zinc, selenium and phosphorous. It is a highly stable, uniform product with a shelf life of 1 year.

Its high nutritional value makes Bettergerm ideal for use in re-balancing the nutritional content of a wide range of foods including cereals and baked products, and as a filler or extender in meat products.

Bettergerm has a nutty, slightly sweet flavour and is available in 2 grades; Bettergerm Plain, a free flowing fine powder and Bettergerm Texture which is perfect for applications where a more rugged mouth feel or appearance is required. It is an excellent functional ingredient for use when seeking to improve the flavour, texture and stability of numerous food products.

Wheat Germ Oil

Our wheat germ oil is a fully traceable, unrefined product available directly from the UK manufacturer. It is a rich, dark golden oil with good clarity and a slightly sweet, wheat like smell. The oil is filtered and packed under nitrogen to prevent oxidation. Each batch is tested to ascertain its fatty acid profile, AV and PV, then graded as either food or non-food. It is suitable for further refining and processing.

Wheat germ oil is valued for its high tocopherol content (vitamin E). It is also rich in linoleic acid; an omega-6 fatty acid and alpha linolenic acid; an omega-3 fatty acid, palmitic and oleic fatty acids. It is widely used in dietary supplements, animal husbandry, skin care products and cosmetics.