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Wheat germ oil

Quality product from the UK

Wheat germ oil is exceptionally rich in vitamin E, and contains high levels of essential fatty acids including linoleic (omega-6), alpha-linoleic (omega-3), steric, palmitic and oleic acids. Wheat germ oil is widely used in dietary supplements and animal husbandry and is highly prized for use in external applications to heal and soothe the skin, addressing conditions including eczema, dry skin and stretch marks and in its refined state for skincare and cosmetic products.

Bettergerm wheat germ oil is manufactured in the UK from freshly milled, locally sourced wheat germ. Control over our supply chain and manufacturing processes ensure supply chain integrity and that our oils are fully traceable and of the finest quality.

Bettergerm wheat germ oil is unrefined oil which retains all the valuable components extracted during the manufacturing process. Being an unrefined product our oil is abundant in phospholipids and natural waxes which separate out on chilling. The oil should be well mixed before use to ensure that these substances are distributed throughout the oil.

Our wheat germ oil is a bright golden yellow to orange colour which we filter on site and offer to customers in both food and non-food grades.

The oils are tested for a number of characteristics including acid value (AV), peroxide value (PV), moisture and the free fatty acid profile. We also test for contaminants and microbiology as part of our quality assurance programme.

Wheat germ oil is supplied in 20 kg drums, 190 kg drums and 910 kg IBCs and packed under nitrogen to reduce oxidation. If stored correctly our oil has a shelf life of 2 years.

All oil is supplied with a certificate of conformity.

Our specifications and MSDS can be down loaded here: